We can take you to amazing secluded waterfalls, lakes, vineyards and lavender fields in less than 2 hours from Nice, Cannes and Monaco.

The French Riviera is not only about the sea,restaurants and beaches. Escape the heat and enjoy the stunning scenery beyond the coastline.

Gorges du Verdon
lavender fields Provence
Saint Paul de Vence
Waterfall French Riviera
lavender fields Provence
Lake French Riviera
Waterfall Provence
French Riviera - red rocks
French Riviera - waterfall

A diverse journey awaits you—away from the crowd—one that will allow you to discover the best places French Riviera has to offer. Be adventurous and choose from Provencal historic villages, lavender fields, extraordinary landscapes, river canyons, national parks or waterfalls.


Prices starting at 320 € - 1/2 day up to 8 People

Mercantour National Park

Riding on the historical road that Napoleon used in 1815 from the Island of Elbe to Paris to reconquer the throne, you will see the true France and the beauty of its nature. Visit the Mercantour national park and enjoy its wildlife or fun activities such as canyoning, rafting, rock climbing and much more!

Waterfall French Riviera

Hidden in nature, you can find numerous waterfalls scattered along the French Riviera. Visit small peaceful rivers with magical blue water and waterfalls, or look at the 41 meters big secret waterfall.

Gorges du Verdon

An extraordinary landscape of the river canyon, 25 km long and 700 m deep formed by Verdon River. Enjoy a day out on on the lake, ride an electric boat, kayak or SUP paddle and explore the river canyon. 

Lavender - Provence

Lavender Fields are one of the summer's Must-Sees in the Provence region. Walk in the lavender field and take incredible pictures. Lavender as the typical flower of Provence, has a very short blooming period. The season starts in mid-July and peaks in August. Don't miss the most romantic place!

Every private tour we do is completely personalized to your requests. 

 Historic Villages

Take a walk through charming medieval towns and villages, enjoy breathtaking views of the country-side and try local food delicacies!