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Best of the Winter - Mimosa Festivals - French Riviera

Mimosa Flower Festival French Riviera

During winter, thanks to the ideal climate, French Riviera is covered with blooming flowers. The most iconic winter flower comes from Mimosa trees, which has been introduced by the British travellers in the late 19th century. The Bright yellow flower has been traditionally used in parfumerie, cosmetics and for decorative purposes. In some towns you can finding interesting products made out of this beautiful flower. The blooming season is from January until the beginning of March. There is numerous festivals celebrating the Mimosa flower, with great tradition in towns such as Mandelieu la Napoule, Grasse or Saint Maxime, Saint Raphael, Tanneron, Pegomas and more!

Top Mimosa Festivals in 2020

(by Riviera Secrets)

1. Tanneron - FEBRUARY 02, 2020

This town is located in the Var surrounded by hills, which have being invaded by Mimosa, cultivated or wild. Hence, offers spectacular views of the golden / yellow valley and hills -one of the winter’s must sees! Another attraction is the “mimosa road” which stretches from Bormes-Les-Mimosas to Grasse. It represents 130 km in length as a symbol of the Côte d'Azur winter, which famously contrasts azure blue and sunny yellow . The festival in Tanneron is on the mimosa day February 2, 2020


9 a.m. - 2 p.m. : Mass in Provençal, procession with the bravadors of Fayence, folk dances

2 p.m. : Corso flowered, floats decorated with mimosa

All day : market of local products and mimosa derivatives, visits to mimosa farms.

2. Mandelieu la Napule - 19 - 26 Feb 2020

Created in 1931 this festival is extraordinary for the costumes and flower decorated objects ( they use approximately 12 tonnes of Mimosa for the decorations) On the seafront, with great atmosphere, bright colours, local delicacies and more this festival will win your heart

3. Corso du Mimosa Sainte-Maxime -From 01 - 02 February 2020.

Each year, Sainte-Maxime organises the Corso du Mimosa - the carnival & festival of Mimosa flower. Visit of the workshops of construction of the tanks and their flower decorations. The city of Sainte-Maxime will be in the spotlight this year and launches the corso season on the Côte d'Azur! Watch the Parade composed of 12 tanks, on the promenade A. Simon-Lorière, flowered by the associations maximoises, accompanied by a dozen musical groups, ambulatory performances and costumed characters.

Cote d Azur Mimosa Festivals winter
Mimosa Festival Winter French Riviera

Contact us for more info or private tours / day trips to experience the Mimosa festivities, or to get info on upcoming festivals!

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