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Cancelled Events on the French Riviera due to spreading coronavirus

In order to prevent spreading Corona virus, many events have been cancelled on the French Riviera. Here is a list of events that have either been postponed or cancelled.

In case your event was cancelled, contact us, we can plan an unforgettable private tour exploring secluded beaches, secret waterfalls or small villages.

1. Menton - Fete du Citron - Cancelled

As stated on the official website, "The evolution of the public health situation in Italy has led the Mayor of Menton, in accordance with the Precautionary Principle, to the decision to cancel the remaining events of the 87th Fête du Citron®"

2. Nice - Carnival - Cancelled

The officials claim "the last two outings of the Nice Official Carnival scheduled for this Saturday, February 29 are canceled" - based on the fact that Covid19 was detected in Nice.

3. Mipim 2020 - Rescheduled June 2-5 Cannes

29 February 2020 Mipimworld posted on social media "Mipim 2020 is rescheduled due to growing concerns related to the coronavirus (Covid19). The well-being of clients and staff is our number one priority."

4. Foire de Nice 7-16 March - Cancelled

The exposition Foire de Nice has been cancelled last minute due to spreding 'epidemie' of the coronavirus

5. Le Semi de Cannes - 1 March Cancelled

The semi marathon in Cannes was cancelled due to growing concerns about public health - aim to slow down the propagation of the virus.

6. Le Corso Fleuri du Lavandou 8 March - rescheduled 12 April

Due to the spreading coronavirus - Covid19 the flower parade in Lavandou near St Tropez will be rescheduled to 12 April 2020.

7. La fête de la violette 29 Feb - 1 March - Tourrettes sur Loup Cancelled

8. Six Fours Carnival Var - 1st event cancelled

The first event of the Six Fours Festival in the Var region has been cancelled, in order to stop propagation of the Coronavirus in the region. Contact us to gain info about other events that are part of this festival.

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