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Dolphins and Whales - French Riviera

French Riviera has one of the prettiest coastlines in Europe, so discover its charm with Riviera Secrets. Take a boat trip and Experience Dolphins jumping in front of the boat and playing in the waves, while cruising through the turquoise water of the Mediterranean sea. Only half an hour to 45 minutes from Monaco, we often encounter large pods of dolphins with more than 30 members. Join Riviera Secrets Tours and see those playful and intelligent creatures! 

Did you know that you can see Whales on the French Riviera?  

One of the biggest 'secrets' of the Mediterranean Sea and the South of France, is the whale watching trip. At first, it may seem as very surreal experience to encounter some of the largest animals on earth among the superyachts and glitz&glamour of the French Riviera. However, only 1 hour off the coast of Monaco you can see Sperm whales, Fin whales and Pilot whales often close to the boat to show their sheer size and fascinating behaviour. So get ready for an adventure !

The whale watching season starts from the beginning of June until the end of October, making it a perfect summer activity! Contact info@rivierasecrets.com for more information on prices and bookings.

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