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Secret of the 'Tarte Tropézienne'

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Ever wondered what is the secret of the traditional dessert called la Tarte Tropézienne?

The Story from 1950s

Let us take you to back to 1950s, when the story of this delicious treat begun.

The original dessert was created by a young polish baker Alexandre Micka, owner of a small bakery in the heart of Saint Tropez. He was inspired by the French brioche and a special custard, mix of vanilla and lemon, based on his grand mother’s recipe. To complete this treat he coated the top with large crystals of granulated sugar.

In this time, Saint-Tropez was busy with film production, now internationally renowned movies.

One day, during the filming of “And God created Woman” Brigitte Bardot and the entire film production team, fell in love with the dessert.

Later on, Brigitte suggested Micka to name it the ‘Tarte Tropezienne’ as we know it now!

And so this incredible encounter in Saint Tropez, gave birth to the legendary world-wide popular dessert…

If you would like to read more how this dessert became famous!


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