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Secret Place - Estéron turquoise river

French Riviera is all about the turquoise water! This time we present you a place from our secret guide with magical turquoise water and no tourists at all - The Aiglun Canyon.

Located approximately 1h 30 min from Nice, direction Carros, you can admire the cliffs and breathtaking views from a narrow road. The historic town of Aiglun is known for activities such as climbing or canyoning with 200m steep climbing walls and an extraordinary river canyon.

The Estéron river
The Estéron river with magical turquoise water

The Estéron river is passing through the Aiglun Canyon, offering great canyoning activity. Enjoy waterfalls up to 10m, cliff jumps from 4 - 8m, large slides 'toboggan' and much more all along the 1km long canyon.

This place is perfect to escape the tourist crowd and swim in the turquoise water while having a picnic enjoying all the French delicacies.

Spend a day on tour with Riviera Secrets and find hidden gems of the French Riviera.

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