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Taste the most expensive Rosé in the World

French Riviera and Provence have a long history in winemaking dating back to Greek & Roman times. The exceptional climate for wine cultivation has motivated large production of wine, more specifically Rosé.

Visit the Chateau d’Esclans surrounded by 180 acres of vineyards and located in a beautiful setting with a rich history. The chateau is famous for its ‘old Grenache’ vines, which offer greater concentration of flavour than younger vines.

Do you want to taste the most expensive Rosé in the world? This is the right place!

Whispering Angel Rose wine tasting
Whispering Angel Rose wine

Using only the top-quality red and white grapes from old vines, which are fermented together inside a 600l oak barrel, this Rose wine has a very light colour with a rich fruity taste and full body. To ensure the best quality, the temperature is precisely controlled inside the wine barrels. A bottle on average costs 100 euros, which is 5x more than an average bottle of Rosé wine.

However the Rosé Garrus is not the only one to taste, the Chateau d’Esclans also produces the most famous Rosé in the World - The Whispering Angel. This Rosé gained its popularity thanks to its lightness, refreshing taste and great flavour. The Chateau d’Esclans also produces 3 other types of Rose wine, Rock Angel, The Palm and D’Esclans collection which can be tasted during the visit.

With Riviera Secrets, you can learn about chateau’s wine production and visit the production facilities as well as enjoy a private wine tasting. Join us for an exclusive adventure!


learn more at: https://www.rivierasecretstours.com/wine-culture

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