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Trip to Provence

Summer season is here and blooming lavender fields are definitely one of the summer's Must-Sees in the Provence region! Take a trip and discover picturesque villages, where you can breathe history and enjoy a calm idyllic atmosphere.

We will take you to the heart of Provence to show you extraordinary landscapes and fun activities. The first stop is at the Lac de Saint Croix, an artificial lake 22 km2 with characteristic turquoise water from the Verdon river. After a refreshing swim, kayak or SUP paddle at the lake, enjoy a scenic route towards the Lavender fields. Take a Romantic walk and let picturesque lavender and sunflowers take your breath away.

For lunch we can take you to the local’s favourite gourmet restaurants or show you a special secret spot, to enjoy a picnic with traditional delicacies such as cheese and saucisson.

In the afternoon discover medieval village Moustiers Sainte Marie, which is famous for being one of the prettiest villages in France. This tiny village is surrounded by limestone cliffs and has a long history in pottery making. You can stumble across many pottery workshops when walking around the village. Explore the narrow streets and buildings from the 12th century and feel the true Provence.

Riviera Secrets is all about exploring the best places on the French Riviera and Provence, from lavender to turquoise water and pretty villages come with us, to make amazing memories.

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