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Wine tasting in Provence

Wine tasting is one of the popular tourist attractions in Provence and on the French Riviera. This region became favoured for growing grapes and wine production mainly due to its climate with lots of sunshine, cool evenings and limited rainfall. Additionally, various soil types across the region contribute to different strains and flavours.

wine tasting private tour french riviera
Wine Tasting private tour - French Riviera

Ever wanted to visit secluded vineyards and learn about wine production? French Riviera is the right place!

Riviera Secrets tours will show you around various family-run vineyards hidden from the tourist crowd, where you can enjoy privacy and the magical atmosphere. Of course, each vineyard visit is completed with an exclusive wine tasting.

Discover amazing red wine, white wine or famous rose and complete your perfect day trip with gastronomic lunch or dinner.

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